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Welcome ! All the games are linked to GameJolt for free download and totaly free play ! click on images to view !

Play Pinball Halloween Have a good Halloween pinball game ! The free pinball game includes 5 balls to make you a total score for a party. You can click on the ball if it gets stuck without moving. You can choose the quality graphics for your device strong. Fast play with a gamepad or the keyboard !
Air Hockey for 2 players on the same device max and can be played alone vs the computer. Works with dual-action gamepads only. Double-duel for 2 sticks of a gamepad for one player
Free Multiplayer Chess game ! localhost or on the internet. Simple product and no rules coded … need to make your rules !
Math Game – practice mathematics for free in 3D as a video games! Math Space 3D game ! A fully math game where the player must escape the maze by breaking the mystery blocks and solving the equations as quickly as possible. A fun and effective way to perfect your mental math skills. The Manual is into the root folder ! have great smart fun !
Free word game to be discovered with the letters to form! The Moots Game uses a dictionary of 22,700 words in French and 11,000 in English! ! There are three game modes: easy, medium and hard which constitutes 4 to 9 letters for a game.
At the start of the game the coconuts fall and he has to break them to obtain the letters of the word to discover. You can Click once to validate it first and Click a second time on the same letter to make it disappear. At the end of a small game the discovered word is displayed and another game starts.
Kingo is a Bingo-style game with a mixture of card game-like patience however with boxes and random number grids. Selection of equivalent boxes to end with the requested numbers and no king or queen in the boxes.